Old and New uses of Granite stones

Published: 08th March 2010
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Old and New uses of Granite stones

When it comes to the discussion of decorating house in elegant way while making it much durable then no doubt the name of Granite stone comes on the top. This stone is recognized as one of the highly gorgeous and hard stones throughout the world. But how many people really know the origin and different uses of granite stones. So, here in this article we will discuss about the small history and current uses of the Granite stones.

Granite basically is an indigenous rock that has its origin in magma. According to the experts, apart from magma, the stone has several other origins as well; actually there are a number of controversies associated with the origin of the origin of the Granite stone .

The experts also say that majority of the granite stones' intrusions are emplaced at quite depth within the crust, which is normally greater than 1.5 Km. The entire process of Granite formation leads to a wide range of schemes of classification. There are three primary classification schemes of Granite discussed throughout the world, named British Schemes, American scheme and French scheme.

Such classification arises because each classification scheme defines the elegant stone in different ways. But, to study the Granite tiles, the 'alphabet-soup' classification is used as in this way the classification is done on the basis of the origin or magma or genesis.

According to the historical records, in the ancient times the Granite stones were extensively used in a wide range of applications, primarily in the construction purpose. If you go through the artworks of the ancient times then you will found a large uses of this construction material in majority of them. Some of the finest examples of Granite made world-famous ancient constructions are the Red Pyramid of Egypt, Menkaure's Pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egyptian pyramids and so on.

In India you will find a large number of temples build of the elegant Granite stones. In this 21st century, even after advancements of science and technology granite stones are used extensively worldwide. Most importantly, with the increasing amounts of acid rains, people have started treating Granite as a supplement of marble stone. For its exceptional glamor and hardness, She is writing on Granite stone, is used as an excellent construction and home decor material. Now this material is used in constructing different parts of home, like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and so on. So, in order to add more glamor to your home while enhancing its longevity, you should go for Granite tiles only.

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